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Q: What is this website and what can I use it for?

A: GRANT-IT is a web portal you can use to search and propose research, development, demonstration, or innovation projects in the field of sustainable chemistry. The portal provides users with a a number of different services for this purpose. It offers a searchable database of funding programmes (regional, national, and European). You can read about projects being developed and that you could potentially join as a partner. You can perform benchmarking and state-of-the-art analyses of your domain and your peers by studying the archives describing past and present European projects. You can use GRANT-IT to simultaneously search the full work programmes of a wide range of Horizon 2020 themes for keywords in the field of sustainable chemistry. You can ask for personalised advice on a project idea you have: suitable funding programmes, positioning of the project idea, partner search and any other inquiry you might have.


Q: How do I obtain login credentials?

A:  Grant-it is a Cefic service provided exclusively to Cefic and SusChem members.

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Q: What is Horizon 2020? 

A: Horizon 2020 is the name of the multi-year funding programme that the European Commission uses to support research, development, demonstration and innovation projects.

You can find more information here.


Q: How can I access European Grants?

A: Consider the following general guidelines:

Topic: your project idea needs to match the objectives and priorities of the funding programme you will be applying to. Government agencies use funding programmes to solve their challenges and address areas of interest. Your project application aims to be a solution to the challenges posed. An individual challenge is typically presenting the topic for a future funded project. The associated topic text describes in greater detail the context and scope of the expected work. Multiple challenges in the same thematic domain are typically grouped into a work programme. Use GRANT-IT to understand the objectives of funding programmes, and to find the work programme and topic where your project idea would fit best.

Timing: the funding programme of your interest needs to be open for applications. Funding programmes typically organise calls for proposals, limited periods of time during which they accept project applications for a given number of topics. You can use GRANT-IT to monitor the timing of calls for proposals of the funding programmes you are interested in.

Team: most European projects need to be performed by international teams (called consortium) consisting of different legal entities (large companies, SMEs, academic labs, etc.). Consortium members have complementary skills and expertise, and together can optimally solve the challenge addressed by a project proposal. You can use GRANT-IT to find suitable partners for building the consortium needed for executing your project idea. You can use GRANT-IT to find projects in development that you may join as a partner.

Competition: your project proposal will compete with other proposals and only a limited number of proposals will receive funding. Use your SusChem network and tools such as GRANT-IT to build as strong a project proposal as you can, so to increase the chances of obtaining funding for your project idea.